Opioids versus Physical Therapy

Prescription medication abuse, specifically relating to “opioids” (the medical word for pain medication), has been well documented. It seems this issue is gaining increased mainstream attention in the media, however, one problem remains: what is the solution?

Although many solutions have been proposed, one has consistently remained atop the lists of many of these solution-seekers: physical therapy. In fact, the U.S. Surgeon General recently penned a letter, which was sent to physicians across the country, addressing this fast-growing issue. In addition to educating people about negative side effects of opioid abuse, related resources specifically listed physical therapy as primary alternative to treatment of chronic pain (APTA, 2016).

At Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we acknowledge the growing opioid epidemic and utilize many treatment interventions specifically aimed at reducing your pain. If reducing pain is your goal, APTSM is your solution!

For more constructive information on the overuse of opioids, please visit http://turnthetiderx.org.


APTA. (November, 2016).  Surgeon General Letter Urges Action on Opioids Recommends Treatment Guideline That Includes Physical Therapy.PT in Motion, 8(10), 46.