Athletic Trainers - An Extension of Your Health Care Team.

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You have probably seen us. Yes, the one wearing khakis, a polo, and a fanny pack, while running across the field with scissors to assist an injured player. Or, perhaps donning our teams colors, proudly; while weathering the storm to monitor the sky with our trusty lightning detectors. The Athletic Trainer.

Often times, Athletic Trainers are mistaken for personal trainers. However, Athletic Trainers are actually an extension of your health care team! Athletic Trainers are allied health professionals who have endured diverse education and extensive hands on training that must meet the requirements of the Board of Certification Inc., while working within the guidelines put forth by state licensing board. It is these educational requirements, certification and licensure, work setting, and standards of practice that set athletic trainers apart.

While athletic trainers work collaboratively with other health care professionals, namely physicians and physical therapists, they often work independently to educate athletes on injury prevention, provide immediate and emergent care, evaluate and clinically diagnose injuries, and assist with therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation.

Recognition of the skill set of athletic trainers is the most notable reason for the rapid growth within the profession. Traditionally, athletic trainers have worked with secondary school, collegiate, and professional athletics. As valued members of the health care team, athletic trainers are extending their care to those in occupational and industrial work settings, performing arts and dance, law enforcement, military personnel, physician offices and sports medicine clinics.

Possessing the knowledge and tools to help you recover quickly, and safely, athletic trainers are health care. So – When in doubt, seek an AT out!

Cassy Timmers, ATC, LAT

Licensed Athletic Trainer

Appleton North High School