We offer a wide variety of wellness testing in addition to our comprehensive orthopedic physical and occupational therapy. Just ask your PT, or reach out to one of our specific clinics with for a more in-depth wellness assessment. 

A Wellness Assessment is a comprehensive full body screen testing of range of motion, muscle strength, and nerve tension.  Postural assessment and physical therapy “special tests” for specific joints will also be done as indicated.  We also assess cardiovascular fitness and balance.  Based upon this detailed assessment, recommendations for further treatment, and suggestions on appropriate physical activities to avoid or engage in will be given.  This Assessment is designed for anyone wanting to improve overall health and wellness.

The FMS (Functional Movement Screen)  is a series of seven movement-based tests that act as a grading system to assess an individual’s ability for normal function.  This is done through identifying asymmetries and functional limitations.  Through this assessment, it is possible to implement corrective exercises that are specific to the individual, and  are designed to decrease the chance of future injury, as well as increase athletic and functional performance.  This screen is designed for any individual not currently “in pain” who has a desire to improve their physical function.

The SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)  is an assessment reserved for health care professionals that further classifies functional movement patterns.  Unlike the FMS, it isdesigned for individuals who are currently “in pain” and are seeking to eliminate pain and improve physical function.  The system aids the clinician in recognizing meaningful impairment patterns which can guide current best evidence treatment, both hands-on and exercise-based.