Whether you are seeking therapy following a recent orthopedic operation, you wish to

train for an upcoming race, or you have been dealing with a nagging injury, we have  a

robust collection of experienced clinical staff looking to help you

achieve your specific goals.  

When you arrive, our courteous front office will answer all of your billing and appointment

questions, and work in tandem with our physical and occupational therapists, who will

relentlessly seek to ensure that we help you best achieve your short and long-term goals.

 In addition, we generally schedule new appointments and evaluations within 48

hours, are compatible with most insurance plans, and offer direct access referrals. 

Our occupational therapists offer a variety of treatments to develop or maintain functional living in those with certain physical conditions or musculoskeletal disorders.  They focus on the client, placing a paramount focus on clients goals.


Physical therapy is a non-surgical, highly interactive treatment of an injury or condition. Our physical therapists can educate you about your problem so that you can help yourself return to your daily activities. An evaluation determines the therapist’s approach to solving your condition.  You may receive hands-on-techniques, movement and posture education, home exercises and modalities.  

We serve many community sports medicine needs and participants at local schools, from K-12 institutions to semi-professional athletes. 

   We are part of a robust Orthopedic team that proudly services the Appleton Area School District, making certain to provide premier and evidence-based care in concussion and injury management, as well as strength & conditiong for all local student-athletes.

Furthermore, we  provide coverage for youth football, local rugby and lacrosse clubs,WIAA state baseball, fun and competitive running events, and much more.