Sports Massage

We cater to all types of individuals, including athletes looking to get that extra edge.  Sports massage techniques have shown to be effective at all stages of injury and competition.  This includes pre-event, during training, and post event massage to expedite healing following an injury. 

Swedish Massage

This is commonly referred to as the most traditional form of western massage.  It includes long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, and rocking motions. 

Prenatal Massage

We want women all women expecting a baby to feel cherished and pampered.  Our prenatal massage offers undeniable physical benefits as well as this feeling of relaxation during any type of pregnancy.  This massage can help to relieve fatigue, enhance your sleep, and calm an active fetus. 

Craniosacral Massage

If you feel disconnected at your spine, this is a great massage for you.  You will rest, fully-clothed, on a massage table while the therapist conducts gentle assessments.  The therapist will also identify and correct sources of both pain and dysfunction, using gentle techniques to manipulate bones.  This combination will serve to offer the ultimate feeling of relaxation.



Reiki is an ancient healing tradition embracing the belief that life energy flows through the body.  Reiki is a simple, yet powerful, hands on light touch technique helping you reduce stress, promote relaxation, and balance emotions.  Reiki has been shown to increase your overall well being. 

Oncology Massage

This is modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment. Candidates range from those who have ever received cancer treatment, to those in active treatment, recovery or survivor ship.


Our Pricing Structure-15 minute massage is the only chair massage

15 Minutes       $15

30 Minutes      $35

60 Minutes      $55

 90 Minutes      $75

120 Minutes     $95

                                     Miranda Pollnow,  LMT

Miranda graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork of De Pere in 2011. She has been working at Total Fitness  since 2011 and joined the Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Team in 2012.

Miranda is state licensed and nationally certified through NCBTMB with over 900 Hours of education. She continues to further her education and is currently studying oncology massage (commonly referred to as “medical massage”) to manage the body’s response to cancer diagnosis and treatment to support the doctor’s clinical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment plan. Her certification in Oncology massage will be completed by October 26th 2015.

Ms. Pollnow practices Therapeutic integrative massage, utilizing techniques from different massage modalities based on each individual client’s needs.  These techniques range from kinesiology, neuromuscular, gate assessment, body stabilization, deep tissue, sports massage, Thai massage, Swedish/relaxation and hot stone. As well as energy treatments, including Reiki, cranial sacral, polarity and a bit of acupressure.

Miranda believes that the most important quality a therapist can offer, which is beyond any technique, is a mindful and compassionate presence which can facilitate the innate healing ability within the recipient. Paying attention to the client’s physical and emotional needs is of utmost importance to helping facilitate healing and overall wellness to the people Miranda serves. This philosophy and practical process allows Miranda and the client to be co-facilitators of the client's’ well-being. 

In her free time, Miranda enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as going on nature walks, practicing yoga and doing amateur photography. Ms. Pollnow treats clients at the Shawano location  and Appleton North located in the Fox Valley Hematology and Oncology clinic.