A Day in the Life!

Last week we introduced you to what exactly is Athletic Training, and where do you find these mysterious healthcare figures.  We want to dive a little further into this today, and see one of their most sacred rituals: game day. 

It's game day, you're standing in the tunnel, the crowd is cheering....whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, we should back up 6 days to when the preparation for game day really began. It's Sunday, treatments are occurring. Treatments range from contusions, ankle sprains, overuse injuries, and ongoing rehab from previous injuries.

It's Monday, typical practice preparation, rehab during the day and emails out to the visiting team. Throughout the remainder of the week, it's decisions regarding if an athlete can play on Saturday, nutritional advice so the athlete can fuel for the big game, more rehab, and too many other things to list. 

Now, it's game day. Arrive earlier than anyone else, make last minute decisions and time to prep. 10 gallons ICE, water bottles, AED, crutches, splints, emergency airway equipment, treatment tables, and all of the tape that fits in the sideline kit. Pregame treatments begin followed by pregame taping and a last minute glance to make sure everything is ready. Warm ups begin, last minute stretching while organizing the sideline. EMS arrive on scene along with the team physician; introductions are made and review of the emergency action plan is discussed. Finally, the national anthem. The game begins. 

Ready to do start this all again tomorrow?  

Thanks for reading.

Ashley Rottier, MSAT, LAT

Source: https://www.nata.org/